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Disinfectant Gel refill for Dispenser with elbow operation - 1000 ml -

Disinfectant Gel refill for Dispenser with elbow operation - 1000 ml

Unicorn Displays B.V.
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In these times when hygiene requirements are high, you want your customers, employees and visitors to strictly adhere to the rules. This refill with Disinfecting Gel ensures that your Dispenser with Arm Rest is completely filled again. Please note, only suitable for use in combination with our Dispenser with Arm Rest. This refill contains 1000 ml, which, thanks to the highly efficient dispenser, is good for 2500 doses.

Disinfectant Gel
The refill consists of a disinfectant based on the purest Ethanol, which comes out of the dispenser as a gel. The gel dries quickly, does not stick and is very gentle on your hands. The product is approved for use in healthcare, laboratories and the food and cosmetic industry. The product is registered by the World Health Organization for use in the Benelux, Germany and the United Kingdom.

What you need to know about this refill:

  • 1000 ml disinfectant gel
  • Good for 2500 doses
  • Prevents virus spread and ensures optimal hygiene
  • Refill only suitable for our dispenser with armrest
  • Fast drying gel that is very gentle on the hands
  • Suitable for shops, schools, hairdressers and catering establishments
  • Registered with the World Health Organization


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Disinfectant gel
Dispenser with elbow operation Non-alcohol 1000ml